Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Tinney will offer the best in compassionate care. Her goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to behavioral issues common in the adult population. She uses a variety of evidence-based evaluation methods in order to create an individualized treatment plan. She can provide the following services for adult patients:

Diagnostic evaluation of adult psychiatric disorders including Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression

Diagnostic evaluation of substance abuse

Consultations/Referrals from other healthcare providers

Second opinions regarding previously diagnosed conditions

Research shows that medications can be very beneficial in Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and even Substance Abuse, particularly when coupled with Psychotherapy.  Unlike many psychiatrists, however, Dr. Tinney wants to minimize the number of medications administered . Instead, Dr. Tinney will work to create a simplified, yet balanced medication management plan while collaborating with you in a team based approach.

This collaborative philosophy extends to your Primary Care Provider. Given that a subset of patients are simultaneously dealing with complex medical conditions, Family Psychiatric Solutions, PLLC  is particularly interested in the coordination of your medical and psychiatric care.  When appropriate and with your consent, Dr. Tinney is committed to communicating with any and all members of your healthcare team to maximize your potential for personal, spiritual, and professional growth.