Parent Coaching

Have you ever wished that parenting came with an instruction manual?

Are you questioning your parenting skills because your previously successful methods are not working with child number two?

Do you want to improve communication between you and your teen?

Are you looking for ways to motivate your children and your family?

The solution may be PARENT COACHING.  The goal of this service is to provide a supportive environment where parents can learn, re-learn and practice the necessary skills to make everyone in the household feel respect, appreciation and encouragement.

 Dr. Tinney helps families with a wide range of issues including toilet-training, positive discipline techniques for aggressive behavior, and academic issues such as setting a structure for homework completion. She will work with you and your family to better understand the behaviors that are often the result of hidden emotions or unresolved conflicts.

Dr. Tinney’s training as a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and years of experience providing family counseling in a variety of settings allows her to teach all family members how to better understand each other’s feelings, communication styles, and triggers for maladaptive behaviors.

Dr. Tinney often gives lectures in the community and works with reputable providers to give parents support. Group seminars are also available. Please contact Family Psychiatric Solutions if you are interested in learning more about Parent Coaching, lectures, and recommended community resources.

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